The Enterprise Framework Group


The Enterprise Framework Group’s owner and president, Thomas Hokel, is now a Deloitte Consulting, LLP project associate.

The Enterprise Framework Group will not be accepting any contract work at this time. However, we do have some highly qualified people that we can recommend. If you’re interested in a referral, contact Tom Hokel directly at 1 (970) 453-8520.


The Enterprise Framework Group (TEFG) provides expertise for a wide spectrum of consulting, education, training, development and knowledge transfer in the arena of enterprise architecture and knowledge management.

Our strengths lie in developing enterprise and enterprise engineering architectures so that they are integrated and aligned with the enterprise's vision, mission, goals, objectives, strategies and tactics. We believe that enterprise architecture (EA), data warehouse (DW), business intelligence (BI), balanced scorecards (BSC) and knowledge management (KM) are critical success factors to remaining competitive in a dynamic business environment. We are also focused on providing a transfer of these concepts and skills to your team.

Our broad enterprise engineering, EA, DW, BI, BSC and KM experience qualifies us for a variety of projects. Our integrated approach is based on sound EA practices that includes project planning, project control, work group facilitation, "jump start" reference models, formal modeling, prototyping, early "wins," and document and model management.