The Enterprise Framework Group


Consulting, Education, Training, Development and Knowledge Transfer

The Enterprise Framework Group (TEFG) provides expertise for a wide spectrum of consulting, education, training, development and knowledge transfer in the arena of enterprise architecture and knowledge management.

Our strengths lie in developing enterprise and enterprise engineering architectures so that they are integrated and aligned with the enterprise's vision, mission, goals, objectives, strategies and tactics. We believe that enterprise architecture (EA), data warehouse (DW), business intelligence (BI), balanced scorecards (BSC) and knowledge management (KM) are critical success factors to remaining competitive in a dynamic business environment. We are also focused on providing a transfer of these concepts and skills to your team.

Our broad enterprise engineering, EA, DW, BI, BSC and KM experience qualifies us for a variety of projects. Our integrated approach is based on sound EA practices that includes project planning, project control, work group facilitation, "jump start" reference models, formal modeling, prototyping, early "wins," and document and model management.

The EFG team has helped companies, educational institutions, and government agencies in the United States, Canada and South Africa with:

  •  Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Engineering (including methodologies)

  • Strategic Planning, including Information Strategy Planning (ISP)

  • Information Resource Management (IRM) situation assessments

  • Business Process Improvement/Reengineering (BPI/BPR) projects

  • Data Warehouse and BI systems

  • Strategic Management Systems based on balanced scorecard concepts

  • Business Area Analysis (BAA)

  • Business Systems Design (BSD)

  • Software development and customization

  • Knowledge Management

  • Learning Systems, and

  • Document, model, meta-model and meta-data repositories.

Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Engineering Architecture
Our enterprise architecture and enterprise engineering (EE) architecture training, consulting and development includes: Zachman Framework and U.S. Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) concepts, positioning electronic performance support system (EPSS) materials in relationship to frameworks, administration of frameworks and framework contents, proof-of-concept "Lighthouse" approaches, and several innovative ideas for implementing frameworks.

Data and Process Architecture
TEFG has extensive training, consulting, and facilitation experience with data modeling (including IDEF1X) and process modeling (including IDEF0) methods, techniques, standards and tools.


Air Force Medical Service Enterprise Architecture
Mr. Hokel served as the lead consultant in establishing the EA branch functional area for the U.S. Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) and developing AFMS and USAF Health Services products. He also worked closely with the Military Health System and USAF Agile Combat Support EA and business transformation teams. These products included: EA management plans and work plans, AFMS Net-centric Data Strategy, Program Manager's EA Guidebook, EA-related Roles and Responsibilities, AFMS Common Development/Test Environment and IT Production Platform Recommendations, EA Board Charter and EA Technical Working Group Charter. Mr. Hokel developed various federated business, design and technology architecture models and patterns. He designed and developed the Business and Design Model and Meta-model Repositories and the logical data model for the Glossary Repository. He also developed numerous concept white papers, recommendations and presentations for topics such as: federated EA, data architecture model repository, knowledge management, data warehouse/BI, and enterprise engineering methodology and development environment, to name a few.

Military Health System Enterprise Architecture Web Site
Mr. Hokel designed a completely new U.S. DoD MHS Enterprise Architecture Web site (version 6) and assisted with its development, content, testing, implementation and sustainment. This website, which is based on knowledge management concepts, provides fast and easy access to over 400 documents and models.

Strategic Management System
TEFG developed the project charter, data architecture, validation prototype, and Enterprise Data Warehouse and BI Strategic Plan for a strategic management system based on the balanced scorecard for a large financial institution, with a major initial focus on customer relationship management (CRM).

Knowledge Management System
In partnership with Gavroshe USA, the EFG team particated in a "Knowledge Management Lighthouse Project" for a major tele-communications company in South Africa.

Strategic Planning, CONOPS and Marketing
TEFG was a key participant in the development of DoD Health Affairs Health Information Resources Service (HIRS) strategic plans, concept of operations, and marketing plans and materials.

Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Business Process Improvement
The EFG team developed the project charter, project work plan, data warehouse, operational processing procedures, and BI system for the AFMS in support of their medical readiness, education and training, and long-range manpower planning for doctors, flight surgeons, dentists, nurses and emergency medical technicians. A unique aspect of the BI system was the incorporation of an interactive, drill-down process model that exposed and provided access to relevant dashboards and/or reports for the selected business function or process. This initiative also included a business process improvement (BPI) project.

Document Management System
The EFG team provided the data architecture and validation prototype for the Department of Defense-wide document management system (DMS) implemented on the Internet as part of HIRS. Our team designed and developed the Zachman Integration Framework Navigator (ZIFN) user interface to the DMS for organizing and accessing documents and models via enterprise architecture frameworks. ZIFN features included a variety of user-friendly filters and search mechanisms.

Learning Systems
Mr. Hokel developed and taught the University of Washington Strategic Enterprise Modeling distance learning course that was part of the UW Data Resource Management certificate program.

The EFG team developed the multimedia HIRS Computer-Based Education and Reference (CyBER) Library, directed at enterprise architecture professionals.